DICOM Importer

The system-independent solution for your DICOM import

Patient CDs are an important tool for data exchange between medical institutions. Once image data on patient CDs is copied to the in-house PACS archive, radiologists have direct access to the data of the patient’s previous examinations. This avoids duplicating examinations and improves medical care.

medavis DICOM Importer Pro is the simple and rapid way of importing image data of various formats into a DICOM PACS archive. At the same time, it helps to keep patient data consistent at all times.

This intuitive software is suitable for untrained users without a dedicated PACS workstation. This allows you to import CDs whereever it fits best into organisations and processes, e.g. directly at the reception desk when a patient arrives with a CD.

The medavis DICOM Importer is free of charge for non-commercial purposes, can be used for an unlimited period of time and can be copied freely.

The medavis DICOM Importer Pro is only available for download for existing customers for product maintenance.


The medavis DICOM Importer is a medical device. For legal reasons distribution is limited to German speaking countries within the EU.

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