Billing at the Click of a Button

medavis BILLING enables you to bill services in an automated way and create invoices at the click of a button. In addition, you can easily keep an eye on received payments, unpaid invoices and reminder status.

All services and materials relevant for billing are already registered during the examination. medavis RIS supports the integration of national fee catalogues, links the services and materials entered to the corresponding codes, checks billing rules and automatically generates a billing suggestion that you can confirm or adjust manually. You can also store your individual rebate rules, factors and special service fees that are automatically included in the billing process. medavis RIS supports billing for separate cost carriers, clients or billing groups. All data is acces- sible and can be modified during all stages of the billing process. Once billing is complete, you can create the respective invoice with just one click. Alternatively, medavis RIS can forward the billing information to a HIS or other third-party billing system using the HL7 standard.

Retrace Received Payments

With the medavis PAYMENT and DUNNING module you can manage your received payments and reminders. You can define different terms of payment and reminder costs for every cost carrier. If payment is not received until the due date, the invoice is automatically transferred to the reminder list. From this list you can easily generate the respective reminder letter. Thus, you always have an overview of open invoices and can process them effectively.

Professional Invoices and Reminders

You can design your invoice and reminder templates professionally with your logo, letterhead and text modules in medavis RIS. You can create different templates for different lo- cations, clients and billing groups. In this way, you always have the correct document at hand.

Search Lists and Statistics

Search lists and filters provide a quick overview of open and billed cases. You can easily filter e.g. for cost carrier, evaluating physician or examination. Comprehensive lists and filters easily allow you to check which invoices have not been paid yet or what the reminder status of open invoices is. In addition, the STATISTICS Module provides you with various statistics, e.g. the billed fee codes or turnover lists for your controlling.

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