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In medavis RIS you create invoices and reminders quickly and comfortably. In collaboration with the billing module and the preconfigured links with the correct TARMED fee codes, the system generates the billing almost completely automatic and checks the billing rules. The accountant only has to check the finished invoice. You can now send your invoices even quicker, but particularly more cost-effective to the insurer with the new medavis MediData Interfaces via eServiceBilling. This does not only save a lot of time, but also reduces the number of reminders and queries of insurers. According to the new cantonal contracts you can bill directly the insurer.  The interface exports your invoices and reminders created in RIS into the format XML 4.3.  The data transfer is subject to the same security standards as eBanking, i.e. data cannot be viewed during transmission. According to the „Tiers payant“  the criteria for electronic invoicing are complied (see TARMED 1.1.:GI50).


  • Less amount of work
  • Geringere Administrativkosten
  • Less administrative costs
  • Fewer reminders and unpaid invoices
  • Less losses on receivables
  • Elimination of the TARMED limitations
  • Reducing of the technician workload
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Secure data transfer


With MediData:

The customer makes an arrangement with the company MediData for installation and configuration of the MediPort Communicator in the matching revision (

With medavis:

The medavis RIS module BILLING (TARMED) and the MediData Interface are installed and configured.

The import of rejections and preliminary decisions concerning the sent data in the format XML 4.3 is also possible. Rejections and preliminary decisions are displayed in the medavis RIS billing module including the link with the respective invoice.

The MediPort Communicator does not only send your invoices and reminders, but also receives rejections and preliminary decisions in the format XML 4.3 concerning the sent data.

The rejections and preliminary decisions are displayed directly in the RIS billing module including the link to the respective invoice.

You can save rejections and preliminary decisions in a separate import directory. You can also save TP/TG invoices separately. This makes editing invoices rejected by the insurance easier.

An additional plus:

Both the software and the user manual are available in German, English and French.

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