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Dr. med. Lukas Wick, Institute Director
Röntgeninstitut Rothrist AG, Schweiz

The imaging center Rothrist is one of the few institutes in Switzerland that guarantees its patients an examination in the 3 Tesla MRI and therefore offers a higher image quality and shorter examination times. In order for the team of the institute leader Dr. med. Lukas Wick to work economically efficiently in addition to a high quality of treatment, Dr. Wick decided at the end of 2014 to replace the practice management system with a professional system for the radiology. The medavis RADIOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (RIS) was then introduced in the summer of 2015. One year later, the doctors register clearly additional time and the reliability of the system convinces technicians and secretaries.

Security is the Reason for System Change

“If images and patient information are stored in one system, you avoid confusion and increase patient security.” This was one of the reasons why the institute leader Dr. med. Wick decided at the end of 2014 to replace the familiar practice software with the RIS from medavis. He had already seen medavis RIS at other institues and was therefore convinced from the beginning, that the system would work well. “medavis was my favourite and as we came to an agreement quickly and there was also harmony on a human level, the decision was made quickly,” the radiologist recounts. His requirements for the new system were: Process images and reports in one system, fewer clicks per examination, simple operation, improvement of the communication with the referrer and support of the familiar digital billing with MediData.

Team work: Successful Introduction

In spite of the good feeling with the provider, Dr. Wick and his two doctor colleagues, the seven technicians and the four typists had respect for exchanging the familiar system. “If you can improve something, you have to invest time to save time in the future,” states Dr. Wick. “As we were afraid of the system change, we stalled the decision for a long time. In the end everything worked out very well.” The leading technician Nicole Seiler adds: “The excellent project management has to be praised. During the conversion and introduction you have to rely on working with people that are there and understand the user. The project manager was very reliable, the employees knew what was important and today we still work well together. As both sides were very well prepared, the introduction was very composed. After only half a day without examinations, the practice was fully operative again and the employees coped well with the system.

Almost Magic

All work processes are now controlled on the basis of medavis RIS. This includes the scanner connection working together with the RIS module MULTIMEDIA for a structured archiving of different documents in a completely electronic patient record. The report creation is accelerated by the integrated Speech Recognition. “Unfortunately we did not record times before the change. But I am convinced that we create now more reports per day than with the old system,” Dr. Wick names the clear advantages of the new IT solution. The INTEGRATED SPEECH RECOGNITION is one reason for the quicker creation of reports by the doctors. Before, they worked with the digital dictation that was sent to the employees in the typing pool who typed the report and the doctor released it. This detour is now not necessary anymore with the installation of Nuance SpeechMagic directly integrated in RIS. “The Speech Recognition works better in the new system – this is almost magical,” Dr. Wick enthuses. “I am completely satisfied and cannot understand colleagues that do not use the advantages of this technology.” The leading technician Nicole Seiler also likes working with medavis RIS. “The workload shifted a little bit. What is less work for the radiologists, is more work for us, but the typing pool does not have to type reports anymore nowadays thanks to the Speech Recognition. Therefore we, the technicians and secretaries, became significantly faster altogether.” Everything works very well, the system can be used intuitively and is very stable compared to the previous one.

Fully Digitalised Billing

The service entry for billing is done in Rothrist by the technicians as they are familiar with the tariffs and the documentation. In collaboration with the billing module and the preconfigured links with the correct TARMED fee codes, the system generates the billing almost completely automatically and checks the billing rules. The accountant only has to check the finished invoice. The communication with the cost carriers takes place in the typing pool. The invoice is sent directly to the insurer via the medavis MediData Interface per electronic billing. Ms. Seiler explains: “medavis has the advantage, that the system instantly recognises if something is not congruent. I need more clicks than in the old system, but I make less mistakes as RIS checks the logic for me.” Dr. Wick adds: “Sending invoices via MediData was very important for us. This was new for medavis and was implemented and introduced for the first time and works.”

Referrers also have Advantages

The requirement to optimise the referrer communication was also fulfilled with RIS. The referring physician receives the report within a couple of hours, on average 6.9 h. “For complex examinations or not urgent cases, e.g. for prevention, we take more time. In any case, the patient receives a CD with their images when they leave the imaging center,” Dr. Wick explains. Nicole Seiler substantiates this: “Via PACS we create a link for the referrer to view the images online. This has the advantage that the referring physician does not have to import the images from the CD to his system. In addition to the images, we can also make the report available online. Each referrer also receives the report in the form they want – online, via e-mail or as fax – automatically upon release in RIS.

Good Relationship, Stable System, Satisfied Users

In the imaging center Rothrist everyone is satisfied and pleased with the decision for medavis. On the one hand because of the possibilities in RIS, and on the other hand because of the stability of the system. Nicole Seiler emphasises: “We had very good experiences both with the project manager and the technical support. If we write in our e-mails an expected response time frame, we always receive the answers reliably. The employees are very friendly and attentive, understand problems and can assess the urgency very well.” Dr. Wick concludes: “I rarely needed the support, but I perceive medavis as a dynamic company and that also reflects in the product. medavis takes customer requests seriously and tries to implement them. Those who reject change are wrong at our institute, as standing still is the same as going backwards. In this respect, medavis is a good fit for us. My expectations have been fulfilled.”

Röntgeninstitut Rothrist AG
Bernstrasse 86 4852 Rothrist | Switzerland
Tel.: +41 62 525 46 66 | www.roentgen-rothrist.ch

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