Our Mission

We foster technical progress in radiology and support everyone directly or indirectly involved in it.

This is why we develop software solutions which fit smoothly into existing systems, thus safeguarding previous investments, and effectively underscoring the claims of new products to be technological leaders.

We safeguard the commercial development of our users just as much as the well-being of their patients.

Our Vision

In our daily work, we constantly keep our sights on our target, i.e. of being a company leading from the front – because we think and act in terms of greater progress and see people as the alpha and omega of all our developments and applications.

For us, technology is not an end in itself, but rather a task we constantly engage with. We continuously develop our products, always deploying the very latest technologies.

Our Values

We include the people and the world they inhabit in our thoughts and actions. With our work, we promote quality of life and resource sustainability. The goals we aim to achieve through our work are faster treatment and more effective therapy for patients.

Our staff are highly qualified and work to high ethical standards.

We endeavour to create maximum customer satisfaction and long-lasting customer relations.

Gallery 20 years medavis

On October 12th, 2017 we celebrated our 20th anniversary with 240 invited guests in the halls of the Centre for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe. The next day we invited to the open day in our premises.

Here is an overview of the most important milestones in our company history:


Development of an RIS prototype begins


Foundation of the company
medavis Medizinische Informationssysteme GmbH

medavis RIS Rollout


Independent DICOM and HL7 implementations


Subsidiary is founded in Shanghai, China

An international partner network is established


medavis RIS 2 Rollout

IHE certification (Germany and Europe) granted in the year of foundation


First ISO 9001 certification


Development work begins on:
medavis Server Monitoring


medavis RIS 3 Rollout
First ISO 13485 certification


portal4med Rollout | gateway4med Rollout


gateway4med 2 Rollout
ontrol4med Rollout (formerly: medavis Server Monitoring)


Roll-out of the biggest project with 28 sites in 2 countries


Rollout portal4med refferer portal


medavis RIS 4.0

Do you want to be our Cooperation Partner?

For over 15 years, medavis has been providing customised software solutions for radiology which are, above all else: reliable and efficient.

medavis RIS optimises the whole radiological workflow – from appointment scheduling right up to billing. It integrates flexibly into existing system landscapes, delivers optimum performance, addresses individual circumstances and constantly adapts to new requirements. medavis RIS grows in step with the requirements of each installation and so constitutes a flexible and adaptable solution.

Quite apart from the radiology itself, portal4med, as a web-based communications platform, enables an unrestricted flow of information – from location to location: encompassing everything from the referrer portal to the teaching archive and even telemedicine. Obtaining a second opinion or a diagnosis from a specialist in some other location is not merely possible but in some hospitals today is seen as standard, thanks to portal4med.

Building on years of technical experience and mature interface technology, medavis provides software solutions whose principal features are their abundance of options and potentials, their capacity to adapt to the needs of users and their flexible and efficient radiological workflow designs aimed at high-quality diagnoses. Medavis solutions are without parallel across the world, hence the company’s flourishing national and international success.

With a subsidiary in Shanghai, China, and a partner network in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, medavis is in an ideal position to serve the international market as well. More than 29,000 users around the world already rely on medavis software solutions.

Our software reflects the latest technological standards so that we are able to serve markets in other countries with sophisticated technology. Our product architecture makes it easy to localise functions and language alike, which enables a flexible response to the needs of other regions. Through our branch in Shanghai, maintained there since 2003, we have been able to prove to the Chinese market that we are equal to the complex challenges thrown up by the need to localise.

In order to further our global expansion ambitions, we actively seek cooperation partners with an intimate knowledge of the market.


You will need several years of experience in sales, installation and the ongoing support of EDP systems. In order to safeguard our high technical standards, your company would need to contribute extensive experience of radiology.

We offer you the opportunity to supply the market quickly with mature, competitive products. The only investments that you would be required to make are your market position and training for your staff. Even the further development of the products will not tie up of any of your company’s resources, so that you can concentrate on your company’s objectives. Our first-class products will enhance your reputation and your customers’ loyalty.

If you require further information,
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