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Thanks to its speed and well thought-out workflows, medavis’ Radiology Information System (RIS) is one of the most innovative solutions worldwide. With modular and scalable applications, medavis already networks radiologists with each other and with referring physicians across locations and provides relevant information reliably and securely at all times.

The complex IT infrastructure of your radiological facility places the highest demands on the integration of fast and effective workflows with high quality, stability and simultaneous networking. In addition, there are important factors such as economy, sustainability and efficiency.

For this you need a reliable partner with know-how and strong support – like medavis.

For more than twenty years medavis has been THE specialist in the market for innovative radiology workflow solutions as an owner-managed, medium-sized company. This is confirmed by our long-standing and trusting customer relationships.


Increase the speed and efficiency of your patient care – with an expert solution from medavis.



Why medavis RIS Can Do More for You

Benefit From Smooth IT integration


medavis RIS-Service Agreement

medavis RIS-Service Agreement - Software Maintenance that pays off! Why do customers conclude a RIS-Service Agreement with medavis? From the very start of operation IT systems are exposed to influences from various areas. Every software application needs permanent...

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Electronic Patient Record

Connection to the Document Management System for Establishing an Electronic Patient Record medavis at the Connectathon 2018 in Den Haag  The magic word is IHE XDS.b medavis cannot  do magic, but with IHE XDS.b profile support we make it possible for you to distribute,...

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Customer satisfaction survey: medavis presents the results

Customer satisfaction survey: medavis presents the results What do our customers say? To answer this question, we regularly conduct a customer survey of our users. The aim is to review our quality standards and internal key figures and to consistently place the...

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medavis Teleradiology

Teleradiology, integrated reporting from a different site with medavis RIS Connected Working Across Several Sites – Use your full Potential. The medavis RIS to RIS teleradiology solution offers you in the future the possibility to create and send reporting...

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Dose Management with medavis RIS

Interface to Dosage Management Systems Implementation of the EURATOM DirectiveStreamlined processes through an optimal integration into your workflowThe European EURATOM directive wants to further improve the radiation protection at the workplace for the...

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Structured Reporting

Smart Radiologie - Structured Reporting Structured Reporting of the Future medavis demonstrates you in a product study and in the reporting module in medavis RIS the structured reporting of the future. You can then create your reports with predefined...

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