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Easier, better, faster:
Why can medavis RIS do more?

All functions of medavis RIS are oriented towards making the work of our users easier, improve it and accelerate it.

The basis for this smooth work support are optimal workflows and a perfectly integrated interface to your PACS, HIS and other systems and the professional connection of all modalities.

medavis RIS offers you speed at high quality and stability.

The medavis Radiology Information Software is flexible, scalable, modular and therefore ideally suited to the special requirements of your radiological imaging center.


In this way you secure your investment for the future.

Optimal Workflows

Innovative, logic, efficient!

The medavis RIS optimizes your complete radiological workflow from appointment scheduling to billing.

Through an efficient appointment scheduling – possibly across sites – you improve your modality occupancy rate and shorten the waiting time for patients at the same time. In addition, extensive statistics and control tools provide you with important data for an effective quality management and controlling.

From project planning to live operation, our experts accompany you reliably. Our service team supports you competently concerning all questions, takes care of updates and maintenance and early recognition of errors.


Our Highlight – The integrated Speech Recognition


RIS Modules

Optimize your radiological workflow with well thought through modules to enhance your medavis RIS.

RIS-Service Agreement

Software Maintenance that pays off!

What medavis users say

Clinic Radiology

“A RIS has to be user-friendly – and today we have such a software.”

“The work steps are designed intelligently in medavis RIS and this led to a work facilitation and accelerated processes.”

“The great thing is, that my employees enjoy it, as they can see, how ones own influence can improve and customise the system .”

“RIS is user-friendly to administer and really helpful everywhere. It is the management tool No.1 for a functional radiological clinic.”

“In RIS we can also enter OPS codes and send this data to HIS via interface and use them for billing. The transfer of these codes from RIS to HIS is a very revenue-relevant process. And also the aspect of material management – if something is stored in RIS, you only need to make some clicks to quantify the material expense in Euros.”

“As our IT is a certified level 6 EMRAM, it happens that international delegations visit to see especially the HIS-RIS-PACS interaction. We as radiologists are part of the successful certifcation process. And I am very glad, that we can support this certificate with our RIS.“

Prof. Dr. Nolte-Ernsting

Chief Physician, Clinic for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, Protestant Hospital, Mühlheim an der Ruhr

Radiological Imaging Center

“Today we clearly work faster and more effciently. The RIS works great, is fast, very stable and is being enhanced with the things we need. I am not missing anything, I am deeply satisfied.“

“What particularly astonished me was that the complete modality integration went smoothly It was unbelievable. There were no problems with any modality or the PACS, everything was recognised and transferred immediately.”

“I am especially happy about the digital document archive. With medavis RIS I always have access to all previous reports and am much better equipped for the individual reporting.”

“Before we had a bigger supplier. There, the contact person changed all the time and I never knew when I would receive
an answer. This does not happen with medavis. Within max. 48 hours, but more close to 24 hours I receive an answer and often the employee on the phone can help.”

“More than 60 employees work with medavis RIS at our imaging center and yet it is always performant and has never crashed. This unbelievable stability is very valuable and might be the biggest advantage of medavis RIS – in addition to other things that all work very reliably.”

Prof. Dr. med. Henrik Michaely

Executive Radiologists and Owner, MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe GbR

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Overview- Imaging Centers Since 1997, we have implemented more than 600 individual software solutions for workflow optimisation and efficiency enhancement in radiology. We regard it as one of our company's greatest successes that our first customers are still...

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