Implementation of Single Data Entry with medavis RIS Improves Workflow Efficiency and Patient Safety

Case Study RIS, St. Borromeus Hospital, Indonesia

Entrance of St. Borromeus Hospital

Digital Radiology Workflow

Saint Borromeus Hospital, founded on September 18th in 1921, is one of the oldest hospitals in Bandung, Indonesia. The hospital was started by six nuns from the Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Borromeo Congregation. Until now, St. Borromeus Hospital has succeeded in becoming the leading hospital in West Java. The trust given by the community has made St. Borromeus Hospital known as a referral hospital for the city, province and even a strategic partner of several well-known hospitals at the Asian regional level. In the work of health services, St. Borromeus Hospital has become a government partner for the National Health Insurance System Implementation Program.

Dr Robby Hermawan, Head of the Radiology Department, St. Borromeus Hospital

Dr. Robby Hermawan
Head of the Radiology Department

St. Borromeus Hospital’s vision is to be a world-class, trusted and professional service hospital based on the spirit of love. To realize this vision and maintain public trust, the management of St. Borromeus Hospital always provides the best health services for patients, especially in radiology services. Currently, St. Borromeus Hospital provides up to 5,000 radiological examinations every month and the number continues to increase according to Dr. Robby Hermawan, Sp.Rad.M.Kes as Head of the Radiology Department. With 15 doctors and 57 staff, the radiology medical support unit belonging to St. Borromeus Hospital is of course very busy.

Dr. Robby Hermawan, with the support of St. Borromeus hospital management, has implemented the radiology information system medavis RIS in 2018. Today, the radiology workflow at St. Borromeus Hospital is running digitally because medavis RIS has been connected with PACS, HIS and modalities in the hospital.

Improving Patient Safety

According to Dr. Th. Widjajanti S, MM as the Head of the IT Teams at St. Borromeus Hospital, medavis RIS has met the hospital management’s expectations. Workflow digitalization with medavis RIS has been proven to improve work efficiency and accuracy of radiology service data. Currently, patient data and patient radiological examinations can automatically be seen in the modality with high accuracy. Based on this, for St. Borromeus Hospital, the use of medavis RIS has also proven to increase the efficiency of service time per patient. This can be seen with the increase in requests for radiology examinations. Especially requests for sudden examinations (cito) can better be served by radiology staff and hospital radiologists today. Another positive improvement from the radiological digitization is the fast availability of the patient’s diagnostic results in the form of digital images and reports. Apart from making images and reports quickly available online to referring doctors through the HIS, the ease of viewing radiology results digitally also enables a significant reduction in costs for the use of consumables such as films.

Doctor Widjajanti also stated that patient safety in providing health services for the community is the main concern of the St. Borromeus Hospital Management. This includes the process of transferring accurate patient data from medavis RIS to the modality, as well as supporting radiologists in producing accurate and timely radiological examination reports for each patient.

Mr. Petrus Mayar Santoso, SST as the Senior Radiographer of St. Borromeus Hospital said that “medavis RIS makes it easier for radiology staff, especially in inputting patient data only once (Single Data Entry), thus shortening the service time per patient.”

Today, radiological examinations, especially for patients from within the hospital, can be started and completed more quickly and precisely. Clinic and ward physicians can now refer patients to the radiology unit for examinations, including specific instructions from the HIS workstation. In the RIS, incoming radiology examination orders are shown automatically and the radiology staff can schedule patients instantly with a few clicks.

Petrus Mayar Santoso, Senior Radiographer, St. Borromeus Hospital

Petrus Mayar Santoso
Senior Radiographer

The radiographer can see the patient with a queue number on the worklist at the workstation. When the patient’s turn arrives and the radiological examination is ready to begin, there is no longer the process of entering patient data and examinations into the modality. Now, the radiographer only needs to select the patient in the medavis RIS worklist and press the START button, then the patient data and the examination will appear automatically in the modality. “We save a lot of time and reduce human error,” says Mr. Santoso.

After the examination is complete, the Radiographer only needs to press the END button on the RIS workstation. The patient images are automatically stored in PACS, and at the same time, the radiologist can see the information on the worklist that there is a patient examination ready for reporting. Radiographers no longer need to print patient images on film and send the film to the radiologist. When the radiology report has been released by the radiologist, medavis RIS will automatically send the information to the HIS for the referring doctor.

Fast System Implementation

medavis RIS gives comfort and convenience in terms of usability and maintenance, according to Mr. Nico Santono, ST who is in charge of Radiology IT at St. Borromeus Hospital. The radiology staff became proficient in performing day-to-day operations without problems in less than one month. medavis RIS operates 24×7 non-stop, is very stable and has more than 99% availability.

Mr. Santono continues: “If we ever report a problem, PT Noah Arkindo as the local partner of medavis GmbH always provides the right solution and the problem is resolved immediately.”

Nico Santono, in charge of Radiology IT, St. Borromeus Hospital

Nico Santono
in charge of Radiology IT

“During the process of implementing medavis RIS at St. Borromeus Hospital, medavis GmbH and PT Noah Arkindo have provided tremendous support,” said Mr. Yaten Purwono, ST as the Deputy Head of the IT Teams. The medavis RIS Implementation Project, starting from the Kick-Off Meeting to the Handover, was carried out in just 6 weeks. Apart from installing and preparing the medavis RIS application, the medavis-Noah team has also provided individual training per user group. During the last 2 weeks prior to Handover, our users were provided with assistance in the field so that they could become more proficient in using medavis RIS in their daily work. Mr. Yaten concludes: “The medavis-Noah team has provided the best solution during the implementation process of the medavis RIS. Based on my assessment, I gave a score of 9, on a scale of 1 to 10, for that team.”

About medavis GmbH and PT Noah Arkindo

medavis has been a specialist for process optimization in radiology for more than 20 years and offers software solutions made in Germany that ensure stability, reliability, and performance.

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