Controlling in Radiology


medavis cockpit4med makes your life easier!

Always well informed – across sites and “just in time”.

Do you lead your imaging center according to gut instinct?

cockpit4med shows you the reality!

How many patients are waiting in your imaging center?

Know the status with medavis cockpit4med.

The digitalization changes the health care sector. Complex processes lead to a flood of information and the pressure to work efficiently increases

The advantage

With medavis cockpit4med you receive facts and control your imaging center efficiently and oriented towards quality. You can access your individual data without having to take care of processing it.

In order for you to benefit from the flood of data,

medavis developed cockpit4med for you.

The web application presents all management data you need to lead your imaging center efficiently. The number of waiting patients or the number of due reports, the occupancy rate of modalities or the period until a private invoice is created: these and further information are available anywhere at all times via any common browser.

In order for you to know the status,

cockpit4med extracts data from different sources

and processes it to meaningful information. The medavis cockpit4med starter package provides you with a selection of the most important gadgets (statistics). The software uses state-of-the-art technology, can be used intuitively and supports all medavis applications such as medavis RIS. However, third party products can also be integrated reliably.

Lead Confidently with Facts

Do your have workflow information at a glance at all times?

medavis cockpit4med enables you to manage your radiological workflow fast and effectively by providing you with important information in real time and independent of devices. As the data are always up to date and organized in graphically optimized diagrams, you can e.g. analyze the working situation in your imaging center during a conversation with your colleague at short notice and take measures.

Registration:  With cockpit4med you don’t only know the waiting times of your patients, but also know how many patients are waiting for an examination per modality.
Examination: Your average occupancy rate is displayed as weekly or daily overview.
 Reporting/Workstation physician: You always know, how many report orders are open or ready for release. In this way you manage absences due to sickness effortlessly.
Billing: Thanks to information on the share of private and NHI patients, open amounts or the number of already billed cases, you are always in control of  your finances.
Management: Always stay on top of things with e.g. a list of your top referrers or your average occupancy rate. In this way you can make decisions based on facts and make improvements.
IT: Is the HL7 Queue filling up? With the cockpit4med you are informed.
Referrer Portal: The cockpit4med also receives information from the Referrer portal. In this way you always know how many referrers are using your service.

More Time for Your Work

The Expert Makes the Analysis for You!

Thanks to modern software technology you have a plethora of information you can use for your management decisions and to optimize your workflows in a profitable way. However, you often lack the time to view and analyze this data. cockpit4med supports you with this by having important facts on stand at a glance. You can  access a list of your top referrers as quickly as an overview of your current message queues (HL7, fax, e-mail etc.) or open requests from other systems (e.g. HIS).

With cockpit4med you are in control. In order for the cockpit4med to have the highest possible benefit for you, we developed it together with customers.

Do you have further questions or would like to get a demo?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to providing you with the necessary advice or to arrange a demo appointment with you, in order to present your optimal workflow.

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