Connected Radiology


Already on the way to a connected patient care?

You want to send and receive reporting orders across sites and independent of the RIS installation?

Do you also want to quickly communicate digitally with your referrers?

medavis is already close to the finishing line and has the matching solution for your demanding requirements.

Connected Working Across Several Sites – Use your full Potential.

The medavis RIS to RIS teleradiology solution offers you in the future the possibility to create and send reporting orders across sites. The evaluation of teleradiological orders is done at one site, fully-integrated in your medavis RIS reporting workflow.

You want a high reputation among your referrers ...

... and

  Improve your service quality.

  Transmit your reports efficiently to your referrers.

You always want to be optimally informed - independent of location and "just in time" ...

... and

  Improve your quality and efficiency while reducing your costs at the same time.

  have an overview of the occupancy rate of your modalities, the number of open reports, etc. from anywhere.

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