Products and Modules for Your Optimal Workflow

Your medavis RIS solution is specifically tailored to your processes and needs.

Thanks to open interface architecture, workflow solutions from medavis integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

Thus, they ensure a fast, secure and continuous digital flow of information and sustainably increase the efficiency of patient care.

Appointment & Registration

Online Appointment Booking with booking4med

Online Appointment Booking with booking4med automated, diburdening, close to the patient Referrer BookingFunctionsUser TestimonialsBenefitsData ProtectionContact More Efficiency In Appointment Scheduling With medavis booking4med you offer your patients and referrers...

Call Identification

Better Patient Service
Efficient Appointment Allocation
Calling Back Made Easy

Call Center

Efficient Scheduling
Individual Scheduler Display
Faster Service for Patients



Central RIS Storage
Quick and Context-Related Display
Quick and Easy Archiving

Medical Research

Intelligent Report Search
Optimised Diagnostics
Prepare Trainings Efficiently

Digital Dictation

Quicker from Dictation to Report
Up to 80% Increase in Efficiency
Quality Increase in Report Process

Word Processing

Effiziente Terminvergabe
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Kontinuierliche Datenpflege

Report Transmission

portal4med Referrer Portal

Mobile Image and Report Communication Best Service for Your Referrers with portal4med Referrer PortalFunctionsUser TestimonialsBenefitsData ProtectionContact.......Created for Referrers from the Initial Idea Onwards Every radiological examination results in studies...

portal4med Patient Portal

portal4med Patient Portal Online Access to Patient Records  FunctionsBenefitsData ProtectionContactGoodbye CD. Hello Patient Portal. More than ever before, it is important for patients today to be able to handle their own data in a self determined manner. The...

Mail Server

Sending Reports Automatically
The Latest Security Standards
Professional Report Messages


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Kontinuierliche Datenpflege



Efficient appointment allocation
Callback made easy
Continuous data maintenance

Billing Export (Switzerland)

Billing Export (Switzerland)In medavis RIS you create invoices and reminders very quickly and conveniently. In collaboration with the billing module and the preconfigured link with the appropriate TARMED fee codes, the system generates the billing almost fully...


Patient Data Access

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Kontinuierliche Datenpflege


business management


Effective Management
Analysis at the Click of a Button
Optimised Controlling


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Kontinuierliche Datenpflege

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