Quality Assurance with a Complete Patient History

The medavis Medical Documentation offers a patient-oriented registration and display of medical data in a clear and concise way.
The patient history can be viewed at a glance and is always traceable. All information is protocolled consistently for quality assurance. The documentation offers a detailed display of previous examinations of the patient, including all reports, documents, therapies, prescriptions and multi-media files.
You can directly access or flip through all information to get an overview of the patient history in a short time.

Direct Data Entry

Medical data such as diagnoses, anamneses, therapies or comments can be entered directly during an examination or treatment. No data is lost.
All your data is available later during evaluation. You can either insert texts automatically via predefined templates or open the texts manually as needed.

In addition, you can create prescriptions or enter instructions for the registration staff, e.g. for follow-up appointments. In this way, you can adopt recurring therapy instructions quickly from pre-
vious texts. All instructions and prescriptions to be printed automatically appear in the worklist at the registration desk and can be processed efficiently.

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