Patient Communication Made Digital!

From the collection of medical history to the provision of patient information — completely digital, intuitive and data protection-compliant

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Seamlessly integrate the digital patient intake process into your registration workflow and your medavis RIS with InformMe. Paired with the online appointment booking platform booking4med, patients can fill out and digitally sign all the necessary forms from the comfort of their own home before visiting the practice. Alternatively, they can simply take care of the forms on their own smartphones in the waiting room.

Keep track of your patients in the meantime thanks to the digital InformMe waiting room. Once completed, the forms are automatically available for viewing in the patient files of RIS, rendering your registration workflow digital, efficient, and legally compliant.

The result: no more queues at the registration desk and more relaxed patients. Our solution allows you to take the pressure off your entire practice staff and save on paper and printing costs at the same time.

InformMe offers digital patient communication in an inclusive, multilingual, and simple way. The digital health start-up from Munich provides information to patients with comprehension difficulties using explanatory videos and plain language, as well as foreign-language patients with an extensive range of language versions.

The InformMe Content Management System (CMS): Share your own content on patient mobile phones. Thanks to the InformMe CMS, you can easily integrate your own content into the WebApp and make it available to your patients at no additional cost.

The Digital InformMe Waiting Room: It serves as an overview of all your current patients with customizable status updates (e.g., waiting times) and displays all relevant information with live updates.

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