Interface to Dosage Management Systems

Various dose management systems have been developed for the legally compliant implementation of radiation protection regulations in the medical context. To ensure that you too are on the safe side, medavis offers users the option of connecting a dose management system of their choice to medavis RIS via an interface.

The connection enables the automated integration of the dose values into the radiological report directly at the start of writing the report. It is possible to call up an external dose management system at examination and patient level as well as during further workflow steps in medavis RIS.

For the calculation of the dose values, information on weight, age and gender is necessary. These values are transmitted via the interface directly from the RIS via standard HL7 message to the Dose Management System.

Your Advantages

 Complete integration into your medavis RIS workflow without additional effort during reporting
 Transfer of the parameters weight, age & gender to the respective dose management system
 Automatized integration of the dosage values into the radiological report via respective placeholders in the report templates
Call of an external dose management system on examination and patient level directly during reporting
No manual notes required during the examination. The data is documented via URL call.

Implementation of the Euratom Directive

The implementation of the European EURATOM guideline is intended to further improve radiation protection at the workplace, for the general public and in medicine. This guideline is based on the latest scientific standard and has the goal to ensure a comprehensive protection from ionizing, i.e. high energy radiation.

This guideline had to be implemented into national legislation by February 6th, 2018. The Radiation Protection Act (StrlSchG) and the new Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV) have been implementing the EURATOM Directive 2013/59 since October 2017 and in full since December 31, 2018, and form the new legal foundation of radiation protection law in Germany. The X-ray Ordinance (RöV) and the old Radiation Protection Ordinance are thus repealed.

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