Minimize missed Appointments

According to studies, 5-15% of patients do not make appointments in doctor’s surgeries.
The reason for this is that the examination appointments are arranged weeks in advance and are simply forgotten by the patients. This results in idle time, which affects the operating costs and ultimately the profitability of a practice.

Support in building up your practice reputation

Patients use various online assessment portals when selecting their specialist and also assess the quality of the doctor from the Google ranking.

The person at the top of Google’s search results page is usually called first..

medavis has the Solution:
Module Patient Notification

The Patient Notification module promotes automated patient communication by e-mail and SMS not only BEFORE but also AFTER the practice visit.

Your Benefits

  • Service and comfort for your patients through improved communication
  • The number of deadline failures is significantly minimized
  • Convenient appointment management with consideration of lead times
  • Reduced acceptance due to less telephone appointment information
  • Building trust and satisfaction through evaluation
  • Improvement of practice quality with the help of patient evaluation
  • Strengthening of online positioning

Effective appointment management

The Patient Notification module helps you minimize downtime by automatically sending appointment notifications to your patients BEFORE the practice visit.



  • Appointment confirmation
  • Date changes
  • Deadline reminder
  • Sending calendar entries
  • Individual design of messages via templates for each Message type
    and location
  • Notification/confirmation of appointment changes
  • Appointment notifications can be set at patient and room level
  • Status overview of sent messages in the RIS communication hub

Practice evaluation by patients

Digital change offers a wide range of communication options and makes it easier to stay in touch with patients. The Patient Notification module has been enhanced with the following functions and also enables communication AFTER the practice visit.


  • Thank patients for their visit to the practice
  • Ask patients for a rating

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