medavis db_direct

Custom evaluations directly from the database

db_direct grants you read access to your RIS database in order to flexibly create your own analyses. The focus is primarily on transaction data, i.e. data with a concrete patient and examination reference and the associated master data.

The query is performed using views, a representation of your database tables that is optimized for analysis. This stands between the data of your RIS database and you as user. The query via views offers you an additional safeguard for your analysis. If you change the database, your previously created statistics will not be lost.

Connect the analysis software of your choice (such as CrystalReports, QlikView or MSExcel) to db_direct via the ODBC interface to evaluate your data. db_direct is an ideal tool for cooperation with external IT and financial service providers.



  • Evaluation of various key figures* generated in routine operations: Patient master data incl. insurance data, HL7 episode and appointment data, RIS case data incl. diagnoses, examination data incl. service recording, billing data (billed service figures, invoices, incoming payments), appointment calendar and others)
  • Evaluation of various master data catalogues*: referrer, cost unit, material catalogue, examination catalogue, rooms & equipment, user and others
  • Via the standardized ODBC interface the preferred Reporting System can be connected (Crystal Reports, QlikView, Microsoft Excel and more)

* The complete scope of the evaluable data fields can be found in the currently valid interface documentation.

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