Bank Data Import

Import of Electronic Bank Statements and Recording of Payments with RIS Bank Data Import

With the Bank Data Import module, medavis RIS supports the import of electronic bank statements and the automatic recording of payments. The common formats camt.053, camt.054 and MT940 are supported.

After the bank statement has been imported, RIS checks the invoice number from the payment reference in the background and compares it with the open invoices. If the data match, RIS automatically prebooks the payment. Collective invoices can also be easily entered.

If the reference number matches, but the transferred amount differs from the open invoice amount, the payment is prebooked with a note and displayed in the suggestion list. The assignment is then made manually.

Billing in Switzerland

For invoices in Switzerland, the reference number of the invoice is compared instead of the invoice number and is displayed as a new column “Reference” directly in medavis RIS. The column represents the counterpart of the German payment reference and replaces it. References are used to automatically assign incoming payments to open invoices.

medavis Bank Data Import at a Glance

Importing electronic bank statements into your medavis RIS

Support of the common XML formats camt.053, camt.054 and MT940

Automatic or manual assignment of payments to open invoices possible

Note if the invoice number or reference matches but the payment amount differs from the invoice amount

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