Speech Recognition with Dragon Medical One

High Recognition Rate

Cloud-based speech recognition via Dragon Medical One allows you to report seamlessly and efficiently from anywhere – at any time. The software offers the highest recognition accuracy with maximum performance, without the need for additional IT hardware.

Flexible Use

Do you want to switch quickly and easily between different applications and, for example, quickly dictate an e-mail to a referrer via speech recognition during an ongoing reporting session? With Dragon Medical One, this is possible without any problems.

Advantages of the RIS Integration

But the advantages of speech recognition itself were not enough for us: Through the deep integration into medavis RIS, we create even more comfort for our users and enable you to generate reports completely via voice-controlled. For example, you can start the report by voice command, transfer data relevant to the report, insert text modules and release your report. It couldn’t be simpler.

Do you have further questions or would like to get a demo?

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