Workflow Management in the Radiological Imaging Center

stable – connected – integrated

With modular and scalable applications, medavis connects everyone involved in the treatment process and ensures a smooth information flow already today.

You want optimal workflows and long-term investments?

medavis has the solution!

Developed with Radiologists

The modular and scalable medavis solution are designed individually for the needs of users (radiologists, technicians, business managers) in a radiological imaging center. No matter if it concerns RIS, the referrer portal or the cockpit4med: Thanks to well thought through functions, individual requests and modern technology, medavis accelerates patient care and ensures economic efficiency in your imaging center.

A Digital Workflow

After the examination, while the technician makes the service entry, the radiologists opens the report order in his worklist. With only one click he can see images, previous reports and patient details at a glance. Thanks to the integrated Speech Recognition, the report develops before his eyes and can immediately be sent digitally to the referring physician.

Economically Efficient and Reliable

medavis products integrate in your existing IT infrastructure in a stable way. Investments in existing systems and devices are ensured thanks to the perfect interfaces. Stability and reliability, but also long-standing cooperative collaboration with our customers distinguish the powerful products.

With modular and scalable applications, medavis connects everyone involved in the treatment process and ensures a smooth information flow already today.

You want a high reputation among your referrers …

… and

  Improve your service quality.

  Transmit your reports efficiently to your referrers.

You always want to be optimally informed – independent of location and “just in time” …

… and

  Improve your quality and efficiency while reducing your costs at the same time.

  have an overview of the occupancy rate of your modalities, the number of open reports, etc. from anywhere.

What our users say

“Today we clearly work faster and more effciently. The RIS works great, is fast, very stable and is being enhanced with the things we need. I am not missing anything, I am deeply satisfied.“

“What particularly astonished me was that the complete modality integration went smoothly. It was unbelievable. There were no problems with any modality or the PACS, everything was recognised and transferred immediately.”

“I am especially happy about the digital document archive. With medavis RIS I always have access to all previous reports and I am much better equipped for the individual reporting.”

“Previously we had a bigger supplier. There, the contact person changed all the time and I never knew when I would receive an answer. This does not happen with medavis. Within max. 48 hours, but more close to 24 hours I receive an answer and often the employee on the phone can help.”

“More than 60 employees work with medavis RIS at our imaging center and yet it is always performant and has never crashed. This unbelievable stability is very valuable and might be the biggest advantage of medavis RIS – in addition to other things that all work very reliably.”

Prof. Dr. med. Henrik Michaely

Executive Radiologist and Owner, MVZ Radiologie Karlsruhe GbR



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