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Enthuse Referrers with Your Service

Comfortable, secure and fast – medavis REFERRER PORTAL

This is how your referrers remain loyal to you!

Each radiological examination results in studies and reports that are transmitted to the referring doctor. With medavis REFERRER PORTAL you get a modern solution to share them with the referring colleagues.

With the medavis REFERRER PORTAL, the referrers have easy online access to the reports and studies you created without a separate installation – doctors without PACS can view the images in the integrated viewer. The display of previous studies and downloading the original DICOM data is also possible in the portal.

With this instrument for referrer loyalty you increase the reputation of your radiology with medavis Referrer Portal. You differentiate yourself from your competition with this service and sustainably expand the economic efficiency of your imaging center.


With the medavis RIS Referrer Portal, the treatment cycles are shorter and faster, and working is more comfortable.

What do you offer to your referrers?

The medavis Referrer Portal offers:

Information of the referrers via e-mail upon report release.

Printing and downloading is possible in the integrated image viewer (also of the original DICOM data).

The report viewer offers all default viewer functions in very high quality.

The modern user interface is intuitive and does not require initial training.

The referrer only needs internet access and a common browser.

He can simply use the portal without installation with his access details.

Secure and Independent

medavis REFERRER PORTAL stands for flexibility, independence and highest security standards:

Via the detailed assignment of access permissions, when using sensitive medical data, transparency and security is secured at all times You can use the medavis REFERRER PORTAL in imaging centers and clinics, but also at home. The prerequisite is only an internet connection and a common web browser in the current version. The user-friendly desktop makes intuitive usage possible and makes it easy to use in the imaging center or the clinic The data are transmitted encrypted and secure Easy and secure connection without laborious VPN installation


Smooth Information Exchange

Via medavis Referrer Portal

Experience flexibility and independence with highest security standards at the same time.

The medavis Referrer Portal can be opened from any device with internet connection and a common web browser in a current version.

In order to protect the data of your patients optimally, you have the possibility to grant access to the relevant data to colleagues  only for a few hours. Thanks to detailed access rights and encrypted data transmission, you work transparently and securely at all times with the sensitive medical data.

Technically everything runs smoothly

The medavis Referrer Portal works together well with all communication standards common in medicine: HL7, DICOM, XML, IHE. Therefore you can include the portal into heterogeneous system infrastructures without problems. The platform sets on state-of-the art web technology and with it guarantees independence of infrastructure and systems. No matter how your IT infrastructure develops, the medavis Referrer Portal flexibly adjusts to new requirements and earlier investments remain secure.

medavis Referrer Portal Success Stories


What the medavis Referrer Portal Has to Do With Medical Tourism

Or: What does the medavis Referrer Portal has to do with Medical Tourism?

Imaging Center Dr. Hothan in Dresden Increases Efficiency and Profitability with Referrer Portal

Or: What does the medavis referrer portal have to do with the German Business Award?

Enthuse Referrers with Your Service

Report transmission upon Report Release?

Dr. Roland Scheck and his colleagues from the Radiology Oberland in Bavaria/Southern Germany offer this excellent service to their referrers and patients. Via the medavis Referrer Portal of medavis, Dr. Scheck and 14 other radiologists exchange reports and images independent of the site in high quality with their referring colleagues. In the hospital Agatharied and the Atrium Health Care Center Holzkirchen every year about 100,000 patients are evaluated for the colleagues in the connected hospital or the registered doctors
in the region.

“We have been working with the RIS of the company medavis since 1998 and have digitalized the internal processes from the orders to the reminders without gaps,” describes Dr. Roland Scheck, one of the four holders and responsible for the IT daily business in the Radiology Oberland. “With the portal4med Referrer Portal we offer the referring colleagues the possibility to directly access reports and
images of their patients.”

IT Connectivity Thought Through

The reporting speed at the two sites of the Radiology Oberland is on average one hour, the maximum is at two hours. This was achieved by digitalizing consequently and intensive usage of the RIS functions. “You simply realize that the system was originally developed by a radiologist. This understanding for the needs of a radiological imaging center is still visible today”, Dr. Scheck explains the high trust in the supplier medavis and the long-standing collaboration.

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