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At the Center: the RIS Report

For radiologists, reporting is the central part of their workflow. Therefore, medavis RIS is consistently optimized for high-performance reporting. It is important that all processes connect perfectly and that all relevant data are available in the report.

We have placed a special focus on the connection of external systems to the RIS report.

Although there are plenty of new solutions on the market in this sector that offer, for example, structured and assisted evaluation, they frequently do not include HIS or other system interfaces, nor do they provide workflows for the release or automatic delivery of reports. With our standardized and vendor-neutral interfaces, you automatically integrate the results from connected systems into your RIS report. In this way, you benefit from all advantages and achieve maximum efficiency in your workflow.


Full Interoperability – Maximum Efficiency

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Artificial Intelligence

AI-based solutions support radiologists with fast image analysis and automatically generated evaluations. In RIS, you can see whether results from a connected AI system are available for an examination via a colored status display on your worklist.

The results of the AI analysis are then loaded fully automatically into your RIS report. This includes, for example, tables with PI-RADS codes as well as graphics on deviations from normal values, which you can edit directly in the report with the integrated RIS Painter, if required.

Assisted Reporting Systems

Thanks to our standardized interface, you can incorporate different, possibly subject-specific systems and use them simultaneously. These offer a structured and assisted evaluation along medically created templates.

Simply call up the diagnostic software directly from your RIS. Parameters such as the evaluating physician, as well as patient and examination data, are then transferred. Within the connected system, you can create and export your findings. The import of data into RIS is carried out via a button or automatically via placeholders in the report template. Formatting, hyperlinks, etc. are also transferred.

Speech Recognition with Dragon Medical One

Cloud-based speech recognition via Dragon Medical One allows you to report seamlessly and efficiently from anywhere – at any time. The software offers the highest recognition accuracy with maximum performance, without the need for additional IT hardware. Do you want to switch quickly and easily between different applications and, for example, quickly dictate an e-mail to a referrer via speech recognition during an ongoing reporting session? With Dragon Medical One, this is possible without any problems.

But the advantages of speech recognition itself were not enough for us: Through the deep integration into medavis RIS, we create even more comfort for our users and enable you to generate reports completely via voice-controlled. For example, you can start the report by voice command, transfer data relevant to the report, insert text modules and release your report.

Laboratory Integration 2.0

A colored status indicator on your worklist allows you to see whether laboratory values for an examination are available (requested, partially transmitted, complete and validated). The transferred values from the laboratory information system (LIS) are displayed one-to-one in the lab data sheet in RIS. These can be accessed directly in the Diagnostic Patient Center. Validated laboratory data is transferred to the RIS report automatically.

Dose Management

The interface enables the automated integration of the dose values into the radiological report directly at the start of writing the report. It is possible to call up an external dose management system at examination and patient level as well as during further workflow steps in medavis RIS. For the calculation of the dose values, information on weight, age and gender is necessary. These values are transmitted via the interface directly from the RIS via standard HL7 message to the Dose Management System.

Interfaces to the RIS Report

The Future of Diagnostics Begins Now

All relevant information available in one central location

Full interoperability in the system landscape

Maximum efficiency through speech recognition and voice control

Reporting at any time and from any place

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