20 Years medavis GmbH: Up to Date, Reliable and Innovative with Optimised Diagnostics in Radiology

For 20 years, the IT firm medavis GmbH in Karlsruhe perfects the workflow in radiology with the goal to improve patient care and increase economic efficiency in the medical institutions. This anniversary was celebrated with 240 invited guests in the halls of the center for art and media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe on 12.10.2017.

Right at the beginning, the initiator and co-founder of the specialised system house for radiology, Dr. Björn Hast, was acknowledged. As former senior physician of radiology at the municipal clinic in Karlsruhe, he provided the professional know-how as basis for a RIS (Radiology Information System). Already in the 1980s, Hast visited leadings clinics in the area of diagnostics in the United States during a study trip and became familiar with different information systems for the daily business of radiology. In the fall of 1997, the medavis GmbH was founded by Jörg Dittrich, Dr. Björn Hast and Elmar Kußmaul. The first customer for the medavis RIS at the time was the joint imaging center in Heilbronn.

With medavis RIS the software expert does not only offer long-standing experience and sophisticated interface technology for his customers, but above all: Orientation towards the future through innovation. With more than 600 installations, medavis is market leader in the area Radiology Information Systems. The system is suitable for imaging centers of all sizes and can be used across sites. Further innovatice IT solutions of medavis are, among others, systems for intelligent data exchange such as portal4med, an innovative platform combining different medical portal solutions that controls the workflow in medical networks.


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