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medavis presents Innovations on the X-Ray Congress in Leipzig

On the 97th X-Ray Congress 2016 that took place in Leipzig from May 4-7, the company medavis from Karlsruhe, Germany, presented its innovations. The new software modules for appointment notifications and eReport transmission on the basis of KV Connect and the new portal4med REFERRER PORTAL serve the purpose to improve the communication in the radiological care and enhance the advantages of the digital workflow support for doctors, specialist and patients.

Appointment Reminders via SMS and E-mail improve Occupancy Rate

According to studies, patients do not show up for up to 5-15 % of scheduled appointments in German physician’s imaging centers. Especially in radiology, where appointments are planned weeks in advance, the idle times have a strong effect on economic efficiency. An active appointment management improves modality occupancy rates and can also increase patient retention. The new medavis RIS module APPOINTMENT NOTIFICATION offers the possibility to send appointment reminders to patients automatically via SMS or e-mail. For the patient, the calendar file sent with the reminder that can be saved in the private calendar is especially useful for the patient. The employee at the registration does not need to invest time for reminders via telephone and the number of missed examination decreases. Via a newly implemented communication center, the status of sent messages is always clearly visible in medavis RIS.

eReport for secure, digital Report Transmission on the basis of KV Connect

The German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) carried out a unification of different communication systems for promoting the data exchange with KV Connect. The technical basis for this is the KV-SafeNet. Every medavis customer with a KV-SafeNet connection can send reports electronically in the future. The medavis RIS module eREPORT starts the electronic transmission of reports automatically in RIS. Highest data security guarantees the transmission of the encrypted data via the secure network of the KV. For selecting the recipient, RIS accesses the directory of KV Connect with its about 56,000 addresses. The format allows attachments and later editing by the recipient.

Referrer Portal: Quick Communication without Media Break

With the portal4med REFERRER PORTAL, medavis offers a platform for connecting radiologists and referrers. portal4med is 100% web-based and can be used with all popular browsers, so that referrers can access the software without installation and view images and reports of their patients. These are automatically uploaded from RIS to portal4med and are instantly available without media break. The referrer receives an e-mail as soon as new reports and images arrive in the portal. He can quickly and easily find the respective patient record via the search and can view the images directly in the portal in the integrated viewer. The employees responsible for the administration are pleased with the easy to configure central user, access and permission management. With an event protocol you can simply trace who had access to which data at what time.


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