Evaluating Efficiently

Thanks to the seamless integration of professional SPEECH RECOGNITION into the medavis RIS, you can optimise and accelerate the evaluation process and increase your productivity. The time consuming typing of dictated reports is no longer necessary, leading to a reduction of the documentation process and pass-through times. A pleasant side effect: The typing costs decrease.

Advantages of the Direct Integration

You can dictate your reports efficiently into the document template in your medavis RIS report editor and can access medavis RIS functions at the same time. You can also directly access system data, e.g. prior reports. You operate the SPEECH RECOGNITION completely in medavis RIS, either via the function keys of the input device or via the buttons of the medavis RIS report editor. The market-leading technology SpeechMagic by Nuance is deployed in the medavis RIS integrated SPEECH RECOGNITION.

During dictation you can already see the report in the output format. The dictated text, speech commands or text modules entered by speech recognition are displayed in the document. You can also listen to your dictation again to make quick changes. Alternatively you can send the reports dictated via SPEECH RECOGNITION to a typist for correction. The typist listens to the dictation and makes text corrections if necessary.

High Recognition Rate

If you work with the interactive front-end speech recognition as a physician, you benefit from the vocabulary available for all users centrally at each site. In addition you can use the Speech Accuracy Trainer to add your own vocabulary. This is a way to create your individual vocabulary and increase the recognition rate further. The SPEECH RECOGNITION adapts continuously to your speech and dictation type. It automatically learns when you make corrections – even if they are made afterwards in the typing pool. The interaction is therefore reduced to a minimum. The result is a sustainable improvement in the recognition rate.


  • Direct control: You can see the dictated text on the screen in front of you and can edit it easily if necessary
  • Quicker Results: This significantly reduces the time until a report is ready
  • Reduced costs: The typing process itself is not necessary. Your typists can either concentrate on the correction or take on other responsibilities
  • Automatically formatted and structured reports and physician letters save valuable time and improve the quality of documentation

Technical Data

  • Supports different input devices, e.g. Philips SpeechMike Air or Premium
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7 (32- and 64-Bit); in preparation: Windows 8 (32- and 64-Bit)

Hardware Requirements

For an evaluation workstation with RIS, PACS and SPEECH RECOGNITION, you need the following:

  • CPU IntelCore or equivalent
  • RAM: According to requirements for the operating system + 500 MB

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