medavis RIS-Service Agreement – Software Maintenance that pays off!

Why do customers conclude a RIS-Service Agreement with medavis?

From the very start of operation IT systems are exposed to influences from various areas. Every software application needs permanent maintenance to ensure compatibility with evolving operating system and hardware environments. This is true in particular for healthcare software that needs also to quickly adapt to constantly changing legal or health insurance requirements as well as healthcare standards.

Advantage and safety through service agreement

The medavis service team always provides you with software applications that are up to the latest healthcare standards and technological developments. medavis always gives you a helping hand when you are stuck with any issue that may arise with your applications or data. Hence the medavis RIS Service Agreement is your effective way to benefit from technological advancements while keeping your initial investment safe.

More Information about medavis RIS-Service Agreement

 More information about medavis RIS

What is included?

Access to the medavis support organization and the medavis service catalogue with a variety of attractive support offers for your individual local installation
 Bug fixing, regular updates and services with service priority
 Remote diagnosis by medavis RIS experts in case of software issues
 Free input of change requests, adoptions and qualified feedback


The medavis Service Center allows you to enter your service tickets and track their processing status at any time. Just register and start by entering your service tickets directly via secure access.










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